My name is Tara Forst.  I am the founder and owner of Worn Forever and manufacture all slings thereof myself.  I live in Denmark, Wisconsin and have for most of my life.  I started dating my husband and soulmate when I was 19.  We were married 3 years later, and 3 years after that we had our miracle baby, a son.  He has been our greatest blessing.

Before our son was even born, my husband and I knew that we planned to attachment parent.  I read a few books and learned a few things about babywearing.  As a first time parent I researched relentlessly to find “the best” of everything including baby carriers.  I settled on a affordable and ergonomic buckle carrier and pouch sling.  I used them some but struggled with using them with a small baby.  

I was not a part of the babywearing community at the time.  I highly recommend finding a registered babywearing instructor in your area to find a carrier (or several) to meet your needs.

After my son was 5 months I tried a stretchy wrap and fell in love!  However, that was short lived.  He outgrew that within the month.  He would push against it and I wasn’t able to wear him on my back with it, so we bought a woven wrap and he’s been a wrap baby ever since.

We became more active in the babywearing community and I learned about ring slings.  Since we were on budget I couldn’t justify buying another carrier, (we still have the pouch sling, buckle carrier and woven wrap) so I watched a few tutorials and researched the best fabric, after all I had been sewing since I was very young.  I made myself a ring sling, then another, then one for my mom.  I got a new wrap and converted my old wrap to a sling, and well, I decided I could make slings for my friends, and my friend’s friends.  While I’m at it why not just become compliant and create slings to sell to everyone.

So here I am, ready to make the ring sling of your dreams.  It has been hard at times, achieving compliance hasn’t been easy by any means. Starting my own business hasn’t been a barrel of laughs either. If I can help just one parent mop their floors without their child throwing dog food all over the floor, then dumping the garbage while you pick up the dog food (true story – this is why I wear while I vacuum, sweep or mop – also a great workout…), then I have made a difference!

Let’s make your life a little easier.  Buy a Worn Forever ring sling today!