Sling Tutorial

Tutorial image 1

Step 1

Bring rings over your chosen shoulder. Make sure the fabric is evenly spread across your back and not twisted.

Tutorial image 2

Step 2

Gather the fabric into one hand evenly. Use both hands if needed.

Tutorial image 3

Step 3

Bring the fabric through both rings

Tutorial image 4

Step 4

Pull the fabric through both rings keeping it straight and even.

Tutorial image 5

Step 5

Make sure the fabric is straight and evenly distributed.

Tutorial image 6

Step 6

Spread the rings apart.

Tutorial image 7

Step 7

Bring the “tail” of the fabric over the top ring and through the lower ring.

Tutorial image 8

Step 8

Keep the fabric straight and pull through.

Tutorial image 9

Step 9

Make sure the fabric is even between the rings by spreading it like in the photo above. If the rings are too tight, pull up gently on the top ring.

Tutorial image 10

Step 10

Make sure the pocket is approximately the right size for your child. Pull up on the top ring to loosen, pull on fabric “tail” to tighten.

Tutorial image 11

Step 11

Readjust rings to “corsage” position at the collarbone.

Tutorial image 12

Step 12

Hold your baby on shoulder opposite of the rings.

Tutorial image 13

Step 13

Guide your child’s feet and legs through the “pocket” of the sling.

Tutorial image 14

Step 14

Be sure to support your child’s back (and head and neck if they are very young) the entire time.

Tutorial image 15

Step 15

Now hold your child with the hand you were using to guide them and use your other hand to pull the fabric up their back.

Tutorial image 16

Step 16

Make sure the fabric is evenly distributed across your child’s back and supporting it, or supporting the head, neck and back of young babies.

Tutorial image 17

Step 17

Reach between your child’s legs and pull some fabric through, creating a “seat” for them.

Tutorial image 18

Step 18

Tighten the sling starting with top “rail” of the fabric. Make sure the fabric is snug but not too tight on your child.

Tutorial image 19

Step 19

Tighten the middle rail. Being careful not to make it too tight.

Tutorial image 20

Step 20

Finally, tighten the bottom rail again, making it snug but not too tight.

Tutorial image 21

Step 21

Congratulations, you have your child in your ring sling.

Tutorial image 22

Step 22

To remove your child from the sling, loosen the sling by pulling up on the top ring. Be sure to support your child with your other hand.

Tutorial image 23

Step 23

Reach between your sling and your child.

Tutorial image 24

Step 24

Gently lift your child out.